Our Services

Hubbert EME Engineering offers reliable engineering services in ELECTRICAL, MECHANICAL and ENERGY sectors.

Electrical and Mechanical Design Services

EME staff apply fundamental engineering principals and specific ‘real life’ construction experience to ensure projects are designed in accordance with the client intentions. Our designs are well thought out and are constructible limiting construction changes and budgetary impacts.

EME staff have specific experience designing electrical and mechanical systems for projects including but not limited to:

  • Multi-Residential (low, mid and high rise condominiums and apartment buildings)
  • Patient Care Facilities (long term care, assisted living, and nursing clinics)
  • Medical Offices (doctors, dentists, chiropractic, physiotherapy, animal hospitals, vet clinics)
  • Commercial Kitchens (NFPA96 compliant designs for restaurants, churches, daycare, schools)
  • Commercial / Industrial (base building and tenant modifications)
    • Religious Centers
    • Food Processing Facilities
    • Medical LP
    • General Office
    • Automotive dealerships
  • Emergency Generators (compliance reports, replacement design, load studies)
  • Fire Alarm (application of CAN/ULC standards)
  • High Voltage design and customer service upgrades
  • Institutional / Educational Facilities (primary schools, community centers, arenas, public use buildings)

    Solar PV Design and Commissioning Services


    EME staff have been strategically and actively involved in solar PV generation projects since 2010 and have facilitated connections for well over 100MW of ground and commercial rooftop solar projects throughout Ontario.

    EME has specific knowledge and expertise that result in high quality, cost effective solar PV facility designs. Our staff directly communicates with the both the ESA and the local electric utility to ensure smooth and seamless applications through to final inspections, grid connection and commissioning. EME focuses on client consultation and advisement ensuring high efficiency designs that maximize long term revenue while taking into consideration the client’s specific performance and budgetary needs

    • Generation Connection Applications / Connection Impact Assessments (CIA)
    • Solar PV System Layout / PVSyst Analysis / Financial Lender Review
    • Tender Drawings and Documentation
    • ESA Plan Review and Construction Drawings
    • Project Administration and Construction Reviews
    • Local Utility Commissioning / Custom Developer Specific Commissioning
    • Technical Review and Evaluations for Lending Institutions
    • OPA Independent Engineer Review / Exhibit G
    • Net Metering design