Chris Langford P.Eng

Principal Engineer

A graduate of Ryerson University as an Electrical Engineer, Chris spent his early professional career in a large automotive setting learning ideal construction techniques for state of the art equipment. Through hands on modifications to existing complex systems and working under the direct supervision and guidance of a Senior Electrical Journeyman, Chris gained an early real world education. This environment resulted in knowledge that shaped Chris to be a different type of engineer; one who can see the system as a whole. Chris is able to extrapolate construction issues and challenges before the problem arises on site and direct the design accordingly to avoid issues. EME staff produce well thought-out designs under Chris’ direction, supervision and guidance. He instils in his staff the importance of quality and constructibility to protect the client’s budget and project timelines. Chris ensures that EME operates with integrity and professionalism; it is his directions that each member of the company is focused on building mutually beneficial positive client relationships based on respect and honesty. Chris now has over 10 years of experience and has been professionally licensed in every Canadian province and has successfully designed and completed major construction projects in Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and PEI.

Chris really enjoys client interaction and is always willing to meet and talk about current or upcoming projects. Don't hesitate to contact our office to set up a time to discuss how EME can provide professional engineering services to support your project.